Another ereader ‘zine!

I think I’m still the first epub fanzine, but I’m definitely not the first epub ‘zine.

If you want to read serious articles about F&SF on your ereader, you really need to check out Salon Futura, Cheryl Morgan’s new semiprozine (I expect she’s positioning it as a semiprozone) at Wizard’s Tower Press. Issue #1 released at Aussiecon 4, this year’s World Science Fiction Convention. It’s very nice…

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iKinook Reader #1 is here!

This issue we’re trying new things. Download the ePub version for iPad, Sony Reader, Nook, Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions, the Kindle version or a kind of ugly PDF, if that’s what you really want.

iKinook Reader #1 Cover by Maurine Starkey

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Call for Submissions

I’ve set a rather ambitious publication date for the first issue of iKinook Reader. I want to release it at FenCon later this month, so I need submissions by September 10. If you’ve got art or writing you want to put in iKinook Reader, please get it to me (by sending me a note at Issue #1 already has a great cover by Mo Starkey, so you’re in good company.

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Learning ePub

I’ve found a few good video tutorials and blogs on ePub publishing. I’ve read all about rendering bugs in different eReader devices. I’ve found interesting and irregular behaviors in inDesign.

But this is happening. I’ve got a sample ‘zine layout on my iPad and my Android. It needs to be better, but it’s not half bad.

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iKinook Reader is coming!

It’s just random bits and bytes of fannish interest, in an eReader format.

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